Thermal Paper Rolls


Products Descriptions:

1.) Continuous Computer Form is used for office, bank, invoice and documents printing application
2.) Base Paper: woodfree paper(single ply) and IK Plus Copy Paper(multi ply)
3.) Ply: 1-6 ply OEM
4.) Multi-ply image: blue or black
5.) Substance: 48-80gsm for multi ply
6.) Size: 241mm,381mm and OEM available
7.) Packing sheets: 500-2000 sets OEM
8.) Colour: white, pink, yellow, blue, green

Products features:
1.) Professional quality control system
2.) Brand OEM available
3.) Packing box in plain or printed OEM
4.) Single ply and multi ply up to 6 ply at buyer’s option
5.) Standard export packing

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