Univeg Paper Export and Import


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We apply our deep manufacturing knowledge, quality and sourcing expertise while navigating cultural differences in order to build a lasting connection between the Thailand based source and the US based purchaser. Often we locate sources in Thailand which save roughly 30 to 60%. As the relationship grows, trust is established and the more and more parts or assemblies are sourced in Thailand. In some cases the relationship expands to include conversations about joint ventures or sales opportunities in Thailand for US manufacturers so the relationship becomes multifaceted. Our role is to eliminate risk for the US Companies that are unfamiliar with Thailand and how to control quality there. There are cultural differences between Thailand and the US but properly developed relationships can be lucrative. If you wish to reduce cost or you wish to develop a partnership to eventually manufacture and sell your product in Thailand, our Thailand based quality team ensures quality by visiting the producers in Thailand on a regular basis, testing product at our independent test labs.
You have nothing to lose by giving us a drawing and letting us research the part for you. You incur no cost upfront and you will never pay for product that does not meet the specifications called out on your print. We would add your part(s) into our ongoing production stream and reduce cost at no cost to you. Give us a try, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised! We take the fear and uncertainty out of purchasing from Thailand!
Because we have daily interactions with all sorts of manufacturers in Thailand, we have the inside track on not only what each firm’s strengths and weaknesses are, but who is open to such an arrangement. And you can rest assured that we will protect each of your identities until you’re ready for an introduction.


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